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What do you prefer? Night Or Day? 

54 deviants said Night!, the sun bruns and melts me
25 deviants said Both
9 deviants said Day!, the moon turns me into a big bad wolf
3 deviants said none, I hate both the sun and the moon! I never leave the house

Devious Comments

Night, Its so much easier to think and write at night, its so calm and peaceful, yet dark and mysterious.
I like both I guess... but I get my creativity/ideas flowin', and most artwork done by night!:painter:
-but then again, you could blame this "nocturnal behavior" on my long-time joblessness...:roll:
MissNewWave07 Jan 30, 2008
I like both. I like the day because I love the sun, but I also like the night. It's more fun to do things at night.
obviosuly people are going to choose night because they think the are Dark, Mysterious, shadowlike, emo, demonic, black, Abyss, vampire, wherewolf and stuff like that...I hate people like that -__- its annoys me so...
But I said both.
Both! I love the warmth of the sun ( as long as its not TOO hot) and i love night because its nice and cool and i can see the moon *u*
Pi-Tec Jan 28, 2008
I'm a demon. :devilish: And demons are from the darkness of the abyss.
oh damn - i clicked on 'none, I hate both the sun and the moon! I never leave the house' but i meant 'Both'..... sorry!
Daktari92 Jan 27, 2008  Student General Artist
I love day most. When the colors are most bright, and the world seems vivid. I like night too, but dawn more I think. Night is pretty dark, and I'm supposed to sleep then. So, day and dawn for me:)
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