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How many characters do you have? 

39 deviants said 10+
17 deviants said 1-5
10 deviants said 1
10 deviants said 5-10
6 deviants said everybody is my character! I'm the master of all!
4 deviants said haven't got any :(

Devious Comments

Warrior-of-Cosmo Jan 13, 2008
I have way too much to count... O__o

I really need to stop making characters!! XD
dr460nM4573r is my only character, more or less because I would lose track if I have more.
My characters Freefall, Rowan, Seven, Reclouse, Skink, Gus, Keigen, Magnus, Roquar, Morell, Noir, Vowen, Gibbon, Knight, Seph,,,,
BlackDove42 Dec 24, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Man, so many characters. I have to keep making longer and longer lists of them. I'm up to somewhere around 50^^;
I have so many characters and so many stories its not even funny(I just need to start posting them haha, blame my paranoia, im just too attached to them all). But I prolly have over a few 100 by now XD haha
Datenshis the only one I ever devoleped ^^'
I voted 1-5... but I dunno if they count as "characters", since I only got one single pic of each of them - and all but one ("Water Dragon" -> [link]) are named!=( I'm always stumped when it comes to that damn naming part...:bleh:

-For me, a personally invented character, is something you can't draw enough times over and over, a subject that reappear in your art more than once...:hmm: but please, take a look in my gallery, and comment if you wish... I'll gladly read every one of them!=D -and if possible, try to come up with suiting names...!:please:
Xvmon Dec 22, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
I was planing to buy that Pitts few weeks ago..[link]
3 if I don't count the ones from my story x3
Indigo-inside Dec 21, 2007
xD over 60
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