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The Kiss ::PotC Spoiler:: by Ruth-Tay The Kiss ::PotC Spoiler:: by Ruth-Tay
DO NOT LOOK AT THIS IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN PotC The Dead Men's Chest!!! You'll regret it!

Full View peeps! you'll miss al the detail without.

I dreamed about this, only was I lizzy, but i just chose to do her and not me ;p
The first chibi drawing of Potc where you can see Will and elisabeth! This is the 5th jack chibi though.
I real feel bad for Will, why didn't he say anything! Liz is actualy a bitch kissing jack and leaving him behind and cheating Will! Still its cute to draw this!
It's done in 2 hours with Ps the scetch was done with pencil.

Well Enjoy!

Fanart is based on Pirates of the Carribbean: The dead men's chest
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ZoraCatone Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I love how they didn't tell Orlando about the imagine his genuine surprise when he saw them...
ScaryCatish Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Worry not, Will, for you can have me instead. XD
tardis101 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
grrrr i hate elizabeth...althought thats also my name but I HATE HER WILL CAN DO BETTER! will should be with......hmmmm....that 1 who jack owes the ship to? i dunno anyone but HER ! although will and liz...hehe meh
EdanaGat0r Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Me: Ohh...poor Willl...I HATE HER! >D

Good work, dear! Very true and very sad...8(

Genoveva612 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2008
awwwwww, that's so cute!!! :+fav:
but I hate Liz for doing that =P
Dragon-babe-rox Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2007
:love: i love it! my fave couple. Will can fly away bu Lizzy is property of Jack!!
Dark-Midnight Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2007
aww its so cute! ^_^
Ruth-Tay Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2007  Professional Filmographer
S0ewSje Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2007
jaaa, je weet al hoe ik over jouw tekeningen denk heah :D en deze zijn natuurlijk helemaal super schattig !!!! Kan niet wachten op de derde film !!!!

HikaruJen Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ohhh sad moment, but beautiful picture !
LeitaKree Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I was so mad at Elizabeth when that movie ended. I hate her now. First, she cheated on Will, and then she shackled Jack to his ship to get eaten by the "terrible beastie". Grrr.... I like the expressions, though. Grr... Elizabeth... :chainsaw:
catholicchick Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
yah! I was so angry! My favs used to be Will Jack Barbosa now its Will Bootstrap Davy Jones Barbosa Jack. How could they do that to Will!?
DawgPrint Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2006
this was my favorite part in POTC 2. <33 :heart:
Great job on the chibis.
And I cried when Jack was left behind. My sister was like: Are you okay, Raychel?
And I was like... close to sobbing: ....Jack's gonna die....

And when he /did/ die I was like: ;0;!!!!
lipstickmurderer Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2006
i can see orlando's shattered heart. haha

i wish i was elizabeth.. *sigh!*
Aesinamy Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2006
XD Gotta love Will's expression.

Very cute.
vasogoma Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2006
Love it!! so cute!!! I love Will's eyes!
Helonzyz Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
evil bad nasty elizabeth... she could of at least took him with her @_@ lol

tis very gurd, lovin teh chibis ^-^ very nice detail too!
EternalSailor Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2006
awwwww how adorable!!!!! lolthat was a sad part! Jacks mine all mine heh heh heh ahhh poor will i guess i love the expression on his face the poor soul!
EternalSailor Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2006
awwwww how adorable!!!!! lolthat was a sad part! Jacks mine all mine heh heh heh ahhh poor will i guess i love the expression on his face the poor soul!
Bambr Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
LMAO!!!! So expressive! O.O

Shin00bi Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2006
Nothing quite like the occasional chibi pic. I love your PoTC paintings, but this cute one is like a breath of fresh air.
twodimensions Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2006
Its a little blurry, I think it could do with more clear detail around the eyes and clothing, but this is so cute!!!

ChazyChaz Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2006
schattig!!! :D egt lief :)
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